Aavegotchi — the future NFTs

How are you doing today?

Are you shorting or longing BTC? Are you in alts, waiting for the alt season? Today I suggest to you a chance investment to take profit more and more in long term. It’s Aavegoitchi.

GHST is the native utility token of the Aavegotchi ecosystem and is used for the following

  • Payment: GHST is used as the base currency for the purchase of various digital assets, such as Aavegotchi Portals, wearables, consumables, and collectibles.
  • Staking: players are required to stake GHST to mint REALM, the land parcels of the Aavegotchi Realm, as an indication of commitments to the ecosystem and safeguard against malicious behavior.
  • Governance: GHST will be rewarded to users who participate in the governance of the AavegotchiDAO.

Another primitive enabled by the immutability of blockchain is Non-Fungible Token (NFT) where the uniqueness of each token can be verified. This has the potential to disrupt gaming and art industry where in-game tokens or rare digital arts can be sold online with provable scarcity. NFT platforms like opensea, rarible and superare has been seeing tremendous volume transacted.

Aavegotchi where a yield-bearing token by Aave (lending protocol) is used as base for a game to mint NFT. You can treat it like collecting rare cards that may have surplus value due to its rarity, besides the gaming like features, what’s cool is that the collectible itself has an innate value as it is backed by a yield-bearing asset. Welcome to the world where finance meets gaming :)

System usability scale or Single ease quotient could be contender metrics for measuring the user experience as the platform develops. It is just as important to preserve usable elements as it is to add new valuable elements as the feature roadmap rolls out. You can only control what you can measure.

GHST go to the moon, sure!